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➤ IM NOT REAL || songs for dealing with dissociation

i have a lot of ‘ethereal’/ambient songs i listen to when im dissociating and these are some of my favs. they are NOT intended to ground you, only help feel calm, so please do not listen if you are trying to end an episode. only cw is for gore mentions in “shuck” by purity ring

i am fine with neurotypical people/people who do not dissociate liking/reblogging this mix.

living room - grouper"i’m looking for the place where spirit meets the skin" || they - jem "why do we live like this" || keep the streets empty for me - fever ray “where do people like us float” || the devil within - digital daggers "you won’t suspect a thing / you won’t see me in the mirror" || ice reign (reprise) - princess chelsea "it’s all just a bit of a chore" || i follow rivers - lykke li "why not always be the ocean unraveled" ||if i had a heart- fever ray "if i had a heart i could love you" || running up that hill - placebo "it doesn’t hurt me / you wanna feel how it feels?" || im god - clams casino "it’s what happens when we take deep breaths" || im the devil - clams casino "sometimes it’s just how i feel" || belispeak - purity ring "there’s air beneath my bed and it whispers when i rest" || drowning - banks "i’m drowning for you" || shuck - purity ring "it’s like your head is crumbled and hiding in you" || intro - the xx ”really cool instrumental” || like lust - movement "no one is reading these" || only you - hucci "also instrumental shit"

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